Wounded Warrior

“Wounded Warrior”

No clearer mirror
Than when across the table
A pious hearer

Could we ourselves be that Consuming Fire?
An explosion of love
Killing those who dare venture nearer?

A grenade tossed behind the barricades
Of the
Morals of the world

Held by dear friends
Lifebuoy thrown into the deepest ends
But the victim takes offence

My Lord,
I am ready to charge
I hear the battle symphony,
In harmony with the beating of my heart!

Call me
And I will barge unto the waters
And walk upon the waves

For you, I lay my life down
For you have taught us
The eternal way

To whom can we go?
How can we go away?

Just yesterday I was lost
And you had me found,
Though I had gone astray

Now, I want to rescue too
And bring those who dwell in dark caves
Into the light of your truth

But they refuse
In my own darkness I have cast a net
But only caught their attention as a recluse

“Have you caught anything, friend?”
“Throw the net out to starboard,
“You’ll find something”

Yes Lord,
I did, and there was so big a catch
That I could not haul it in

There is a different path
Not one of waging a war
Against the rough and raging sea

A path of non-violence,
Radical love
Where there is peace and unity

Christ is not compromised
But rather,
More clearly seen

Put your sword back into its place
For those who take the sword
Will perish by its ways

Again, the mirror speaks
“Your heart is big”
But the walls are thick

In order to minister
You must first have a tender,
Shepherd’s heart

But just remember,
To be that pious hearer
As the conversation starts



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