Father, Creator, Lover

Father, Creator, Lover

We, sons and daughters
of the gentle morning breeze
Who can stop us – fault us
For recognising you in our midst?

Children, I declare:

My love surrounding you
Like the cool morning dew
And the crisp air
You breath in and through

My Lord, I see your thoughts
In just one wispy cloud
And yet, this is what you have endowed
Us with

Unending skies
Beauty beyond what my eyes
Can physically see
One cloud is about all I can comprehend

And yet
You are the entire skyline
More than mountain tops
And deep oceans combined

My son, I am not just a Creator
Who intervenes once
And then disappears,
I am the Morning Sun dispelling all your fears

Father, palm trees dance to your delight
All dwelling creatures seek to abide
In you
For you are Love and Truth

In you is the origin
And reason for existing
Because of you, all things are in motion
And they move

Beloved, you are mine
A billion times
I have looked upon your face
I’ve told you, you are my soulmate

Our fates are irrevocably
I created for your sake
I love you and you are mine


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