Easter People

Easter People

We, people of the Royal Jubilee
Champions of Christ to-be
Warriors in God’s own army

We fight with the Paraclete
So take heed
For the kingdom is at hand
Today is the day of salvation, the time to repent

The world awaits your voice
To awaken them from their sleep
Attend to their needs,
Point to the one who baptises in the spirit

Whose sandals we are unfit to undo
And yet He washes our feet,
To renew and complete the Father’s plan
Of leading us to the true Promised Land

Which begun faraway from any festivity
Tucked away along streets
In the manger
Was where heaven and earth would meet

No grand reception
No fireworks
Just with a small collection
Of truthfully spoken words

As the Father’s embrace
Pours out an overwhelming grace
Like kerosene
On old wood

We lift our praise and thanksgiving
Like incense,
Letting the Love of the Father
Set us ablaze

For often have I spent my days
As an orphan
Lost in the woods
Without any clue

But I have come to taste truth
And it has set me free
I now proclaim that on the cross
He attained our victory

We, people of the Royal Jubilee
Born again in Christ
Through his Nativity
And Resurrection from the dead



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