A void

‘A void’

How do I even begin?
To describe this abyss
This polarising feeling
As though something were amiss

Where can I even begin?
My heart, a circus with no ending,
No main gate
No escape from the landscape within

As a human being we keep it away
By ignoring the deep disarray
From the inside, eating us up
And hollowing our souls each day

What is this panging hunger?
For a soul mate,
One from the opposite gender
One to navigate the river of life together

Down the streams and every meander
Two physical bodies
Combined to be one partaker
To embody a communion the whole world is after

What is this desire?
To share my moments
With a significant other
In order to make it complete

This beauty I see
How can I just keep it,
And leave it there?
In my one memory square, unshared?

I have stopped trying to distract
My interior thoughts
Out of fear of being called out
For not having it all figured out

The world says: find yourself
But I was wearing a mask
Which I couldn’t differentiate
From my own skin

The world says: create your own meaning
But all I was doing
Was trying to blend into the expectations
Of selfish living

Which were in fact, self-satisfying
Self-deceiving, all about me receiving
Closed-in and all about numbing ourselves
To the unavoidable sinking feeling

Leaving me in the ravine
Known as my own empty room
A place where I’ve grown to be attuned
To the silence of my soul

But that is where deep calls upon deep
The Father finally manages to reach me
“Come, taste and see”
It is the Lord who speaks

That hole in your soul
I placed there, so it would lead you
Be still, and know that: I am God

I am love
I created you out of my love
I put you on this Earth for a purpose:
To be loved, and to love in return

Pause and listen
To my heart beating for you
I sent my beloved Son on a mission,
To have you rescued

Let Him put an end
To your lonely wandering
Depend solely on the never ending love
Descending from above

O my pilgrim people
In this temporal world
Seek what is lasting,
Seek only the eternal

That longing for something greater
Will always be there
That crater in your being
Will only be fulfilled

When we finally meet
And share our eternal embrace
That is where, it all comes to an end


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