Deepest Longing

“Deepest Longing”

Merciful Father
How I have chased you for so long
When all hope was gone
You heard my plea

You dreamt a dream for me
When I stopped dreaming
Focusing only on worldly concerns
You drew me to what was truly important:

The song you sung which formed me into my being
Which continues to stir within
Like a butterfly feeling
Every time you showed me that I was deserving of your love

And so I was fashioned with skin and curves,
With hair even in unseen places
Everything pleasing to you,
You made sure it came true for me

The melody in my heart
speaks of a deep longing to be loved & cherished,
Like a baby at birth,
Released like fish into the arms of infinite waters of love

Like naked trees replenished
by grace falling from the sky above
Where mountains cry
With lava welling up in their eyes

Just to be loved by you Lord
Was naturally the world’s most valuable prize
And I was so enticed,
An ocean of emotion in me

I wanted to be instantly gratified
No more lost time waiting
I wanted the combined feeling of being loved and loving
If when I pray I’m not going feel a thing

I will get what I need from another human being

After all Lord, my song within was a deep longing
And so though I was not yet ready
I abandoned the security of the boat and jumped
straight into the sea

Unknowingly, my heart was cut by the sharp parts of the coral reef
And the flood destroyed my little hut
because I had failed to shift my house from sand to rock
The wind blew and I was distraught

Where was my Lord?
Where was He?
Right beside me
My shelter in the storm

And so even when
I was drowning in despair
I will dare to declare the song
Which you had sung into my soul when I was born

Even when there seems to be no progress
As the journey slows
I will rely solely on your strength
And not my own

My praise I would not withhold
I will shout aloud on the rooftops
How great is my God

I will not stop singing
On the mountaintops
For the Lord has torched my very being
with the fire of his love

And he fulfils my deepest craving
He stills the wandering of my desires
And so I will not get tired
Of singing to Him what he first sung to me

Run on the streets, the hearts of many are hungry
Just wanting something which they can eat
Plant seeds of joy into the soil of their lives
Jesus our king, is moving and alive!

You have been chosen specially for this moment
How would you know how sweet victory can be
If there was no longing at all?
His silence was to prepare you for something more

Something greater than you could ever imagine
For no eye has seen, and no ear has heard
What God has prepared for those who love Him
Despite our dirt

Merciful Father
How I have chased you for so long
When all hope was gone
You heard my plea

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Jesus Himself knows the cracks in our hearts. Beneath those cracks, we find our deepest longing.

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