Everlasting Vow

"My heart, Your throne
This life belongs to You and You alone"
Jordan Feliz - Satisfied

“Eternal Vow”

In pursuit of trying to build
Myself into a good man,
I depend and model who I am
Trying to be on the sacrificial lamb

For even with nails in His hands
He defended his sheep
Even when men stood at his feet
To have Him condemned

Still, He loved in the Beginning
And He loved us to the end
He was willing to pay the ultimate price
Of a life laid down, and sacrificed

We can now therefore return to the origin
Before human beings turned toward sin
Wearing clothing made of animal skin,
Which physically represented our blocked seeing

Previously, men were not being Zakar
They no longer remembered God’s love
And women were laundered of their worth
They were far from being who they are, Neqebar

Follow the new Adam not the old
Be bold and face the dragon
You may lose your life
But you will protect her soul

In the garden
She can now freely roam
In your surrender, she can come
And freely go

Flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone
Divine harmony restored
Reflecting the perfect glory of our God

For your beauty completes me
I offer up my body
With arms spread out in surrender
Holding against the weight of our world

I will remember His divine love
So that I can offer it up to you
For you deserve to be open
To a love which is lasting and true

My love for you is new every morning
As I keep diving deeper into the deep
Where grace is, I come alive
I will love & honour you, all the days of my life

This is my eternal vow
And my love for you begins now


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