Palm Trees

Palm trees linger
Under a slow morning sky
Just a few metres, away
Cars ride past, fast-paced rush
On their way to work
In a fully-packed bus

I could be anywhere
Yet I am here
If I could choose to be anywhere in the world
Would I still be here?

I rather be in communion,
Than in competition to constantly be doing work
Filling time for the sake of it
Feeling empty and never complete

Following a stench of mere success and greed,
At the end, when I survey my hands
Would my legs have already adopted a stance
of a selfish, self-serving man

I spoke to the Lord
And He told me: “Great Plans”
I told Him about my sinfulness and that of the world
He said then, “I had rushed to your defense”

“While I hung on that wooden cross”
“The world lost”
I paid the price and every other cost
I did this for you and I am with you,

Even as you appreciate this peaceful pause

You diminish all appealing of the world
Worldly things now seem so mortal
Blatantly temporary
Unsatisfactory to satisfy me

Through these words from my heart
What has been done falsely is emptied
And torn apart
All is renewed and seen in truth

As I move a step closer to Him
The world at large reflects the same thing
For we are one flock of pilgrims here on earth
And we desire not the world but Love

As we seek the one who determines
The swing of these palm trees as they linger
Let us take our time
In offering up our prayers



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