"Though an army besiege me, 
my heart will not fear; 
though war break out against me, 
even then I will be confident."
Psalm 27:3


Disperse the darkness
A New Hope, is rising above the troubled waters
The Morning Sun is bringing the colours, alive
I see the strength of new lives
Anchored on Christ,
In this, dim beginning,
Happening like a slow dance in the skies

Illuminating my surroundings
Like a veil lifted from my eyes
Awakening me from all the lies
And every false disguise

It has been prophesied:
Little warrior, I tell you
Now is the time of my favour

Arise, for I have heard you,
In all of your prayers
Wake up from your sleep
Come out from the cave – of which
You have for so long,
Fearfully hid

Be brave,
Wipe clean your eyes,
You are my little king,
And I want you seeing
This beautiful sunrise

You will look to me
For you were fearfully and
wonderfully made by the same clay
Which came, from me
This is the dawn of a new day

My Lord, who can replicate
Your vast array of gradient hues?
Who but you, can vindicate the truth –
With eternal proof of the promises –
You’ve made to me when I was misused –
And falsely accused for trying to live out –
The good news that I’ve heard on church pews –

Only you, have seen my heart and my ways,
And my mistakes,
Throughout all the days of my youth
And so I give it all to you
My entire life,
I lay it down at the foot of the cross
Like the happiest fool
The world has ever come across

Your thoughts are not my thoughts
And your ways not my ways
Embrace the light
Bask in the rays of the morning sunlight

With each day,
The kingdom is coming
A divine anointing is on the people
With that red morning, glowing passion
To see a fulfilling of the declaration
That God has made to His people

With much anticipation,
The little warrior wakes up early,
While it is still dark
And makes his way up
To a ledge
Where he waits patiently
For his Master to arrive,

He says to himself
“My Lord has never failed me”
He is as constant and unfailing
As the sunrise

There is hope!

Sunrise Over Water


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