The Last Generation

“The Last Generation”

They call us Generation Z
They liken us to fruits:
Strawberries; too easily bruised,
Growing up to branded Nike shoes
They claim, we’ve never faced the same issues
Never been issued boots
To understand that defending freedom includes:
Charging out of landing crafts
While the enemy on Normandy shoots

Only when you learn not to be engulfed,
By the overwhelming of your own fear
And the sheer scale of suffering
Will you learn to be tough

Devoid of such rough experiences
They say we haven’t got a clue
What really suffering is

Today, the Japanese
Suffer national natural disasters
But they continually muster together as one
United people,
Who endeavour to overcome, all odds

Israel’s history has always been a shaky one
Their people grew up amongst hostile neighbours
Who sought to have it’s borders overrun

Some, believe Northern Europe’s harsh climate
Defined the character of its people
Who for generations, tided,
Daily through difficult winter

They call us untested,
They call us unsettled,
Generation Z grew up on technology
Social activities all for social media vanities
Self-worth appeased by likes
Obsessive over the “impact”
Of our lives, careers,
Relationship statuses

Mollycoddled by the nanny state
Who with protective parental policies
Govern fate:
Stifling dissent, stifling creativity
In order to present to investors
A stable country with racial harmony
So that we can be contributors
And products of our economy

And then they blame us
Generation Z
They question our abilities
To steer a ship
When their generation took their turn
On the captain’s seat

They call us generation Z
Without considering that we are their legacy
And we are fully, a 100%,
The future and whatever it may bring

Global warming,
Populist threats,
Radical threads of Islamic terrorists
Breeding lone-wolf attacks, suicide bombings
Inequality in our societies
Social anxieties
Wars against viruses and disease
Establishing peace in a broken world
Allowing an equal standing
Amongst races and religions to appear

Every generation,
All of humanity has to collectively
Eradicate these problems in society

Meanwhile Generation Z updates, and tweets
“I want to make a difference, an impact, leave a legacy”
And the leader of the world
Broadcasts his foreign policy, under a 140


Correct us, correct me
Why did they select the last alphabet for us?
Generation Z


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