Love, Not Hate

"If you love those who love you, 
 what credit is that to you? 
 Even sinners love those 
 who love them."

Luke 6:32

“Love, Not Hate”

Will you love the terrorist as a man?
But hate his evil plans?
Or would you choose to,
So easily see them both as the same
The bomb he chose to create
Does not bear, the initials to his name
The trees of discrimination,
And racial segregation did bear fruit
We shamefully planted those trees
When we chose prejudice
Over the common good
We chose the selfish route

Love, not hate
This vicious cycle we must break

And so the refugee, a racial minority
Found himself outcast, in a society
Where he thought he could forge a better life,
He was escaping the strife of a war back home,
But now he’s fighting a whole,
Country on his own
Political parties, an evolution of neo-nazis
Disguised as the alt-right
Just want to please the masses
And so they willingly misguide
Them from the plight of the “others” man
Disband all their hope,
Take away every single camp

Love, not hate
This vicious cycle we must break

Forced into a corner,
He took on dishonourable jobs
Small drug pusher,
He was monitored by the cops
On the streets he’s heard shots
And he always wondered when
He’d be on the receiving end
And then he was told one day
That there was a new way to redeem,
His worth
If he was keen,
He could serve a bigger purpose
And prove his love
For the non-worldly, by declaring a holy war

Love, not hate
This vicious cycle we must break

And so he set his sights,
On a Christmas market in Berlin
Killing, a polish man
And hijacking the truck,
He would be revenge attacking
A world which rejected him,
And leaving a mark,
For a life never lived

His own blood brother said this:

“If he is guilty, he deserves every
condemnation. We reject terrorism
and terrorists – we have no dealings
with terrorists.”

How can my own brother say this?

And with our fists
We point the blame to these
Self-radicalised women and men,
Who came from another land,
To seek, a better life to live
And yes they compete,
For jobs and take up public spaces
That just means
We need to be more sensitive,
Toward people of different races
We can show our teeth,
Or we can show our tasers
Our response all depends on us
Because when we respond fully
Out of love and trust
Hopefully, we as one people,
Can find a peace which, lasts

Love, not hate
This vicious cycle we will break









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