Destiny Calling

"Surely your goodness and love 
 will follow me all the days 
 of my life, and I will dwell 
 in the house of the LORD 

Psalm 23:6 (NIV)

“Destiny Calling”

Destiny was calling
As I buckled the seat belt
And felt the sensitivity,
Of the gas pedal

Meddling every opportunity
At each bend
Indicate, brake control
Let your hands, cooperate

Let the vehicle roll
Appropriate checks for your blind spot
Half-turn, overshot
Try again at the next stop

Let destiny call you
As you talk, to yourself,
Delving into a mantra
Organising like books on a shelf:

Your thoughts
Your words
And the faults
And of which, what hurts

Destiny was calling you
As you knelt on the floor
And felt a call to lay out more,
Than just your equipment

God wanted to see it all
He wanted your fears
Which you hid, under the groundsheet
To be laid at His feet

He wanted batteries in all NFE,
In your LED, NSEA,
Spare batteries accessible, ready
To be changed into your 650, at the FRV

When you choose to fight for me,
You better be ready,
To listen to the call, of destiny
Or else you will fall in battle

Trust me,
Gently, step on the gas pedal
Smoothly, slowly,
You will get better

You are still young,
What the Lord has prepared for you
May seem,
Too far flung

But, no eye has seen,
No ear has heard
And no mind has imagined
The kind of things,

God has prepared
For those who love Him
Just keep opening, your heart
To destiny, calling

And when in the dark,
You hear an interior knocking,
And a light, inside, shinning so bright
“Here I am Lord, is it I, Lord?”

I thought I must have heard you calling
In the night, Lord


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