3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition 
 or vain conceit. Rather, in humility 
 value others above yourselves, not 
 looking to your own interests but 
 each of you to the interests of the 

Philippians 2:3-5 (NIV)

When I waiver –
It's an earthquake 
Seismic – cold turkey shakes
Of the convict –
Heroin addict
Sickness, sickbay, sticks –
On cigarette tray 
Lighter lighting my soul
Gamma ray
Decay every day matter
Every damn day
I will 
Get better

Gun to my head
Rim of the gun barrel, 
Felt on the skin – of my temple 
As you indicate 
I'm a renegade to the scheme,
A bad sample, 
You want me to tremble 
I swallow my fear 
I shout in defiance
The things you hate – to hear
As your gun is placed to my head
Your gun to my head
Never in my life, will I renounce, what I believe in –
I rather be shot dead

Die a renegade 
Die a madman 

Nothing can isolate me from my plans
Nothing can penetrate my defence 
Tensed, tensions, tomahawk diplomacy
Attention seeking empty vessels 
Plenty out there in the sea
Silently, work 
When the world is asleep
Where the world cannot see
The potential locked within
That only you, have seen
Because you, were dreaming 
And the world doesn't dream
The world only likes to think 

And so they want, you to waiver...
They want, you to renounce what you believe in 
Be a follower, see!
The whole world is in sin 

When this bullet passes through your head
Absolutely, nothing will happen,
Intimacy for free, just stop being a combatant
Stop resisting me 
Stop insisting that there is more 
The war is over, have your reward 
Look at this city!
You can be: God

A gush of fear......

Who's the real madman?
You place the handgun inside my hands
Bullets are my decisions, 
And my life depends, in a sense, 
On their trajectory  
Just one degree off 
And I'll be at a different place
With a different heart

My fingers toy with the trigger guard
And in one swift motion,
I point the gun at you 

You may have your fun 
With your games, and toying with the truth
But it has occurred 
That you're not worth – even to move 
A single bullet, past one helical barrel groove
Stop attacking the youth
And dismantling their hope of reaching the Good News

By now, 
I've realised how prideful a man can get
And how with any attack
No matter how strong or weak
We have to stay compact, 
And act together as one 
Or else there will be a repeat 
Of greed and every carnal desire 
Starting to compete 
To set your soul on fire
The world thinks we're madmen...
Tell them 
There is only one madman 
The side of ourselves, 
We choose to defend........

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