Chase The Wind

"The book of Ecclesiastes contains the 
thoughts of "the Philosopher," a man who 
reflected deeply on how short and 
contradictory human life is, with its 
mysterious injustices and frustrations, 
and concluded that "life is useless." 
He could not understand the ways of God,
 who controls human destiny. Yet, in spite 
of this, he advised people to work hard, 
and to enjoy the gifts of God as much and 
as long as they could. 

Many of the Philosopher's thoughts appear 
negative and even depressing. But the fact 
that this book is in the bible shows that 
biblical faith is broad enough to take into 
account such pessimism and doubt. Many have 
taken comfort in seeing themselves in the 
mirror of Ecclesiastes, and have discovered 
that the same Bible which reflects these 
thoughts also offers the hope in God that 
gives life its greater meaning."

Bible Commentary On Ecclesiastes


“Chasing The Wind”

Self-righteous and a sinner
What rights do I have
To self-proclaim myself
As a creator

Of things,
that may lead to you?
I dream, while chasing the wind,
That I am just being your fool

You may think
You have found meaning
That too, means it’s true
That you are chasing the wind

How would you ever know
What God is doing?
Your only certainty:
Death is waiting

Collateral Beauty shaken
Love is alive and kicking
While the enemy has taken
You hostage and is seeking

More, wage war in your head
Where madness and evil
Contemplate the time, place and date
To complete their raid

All-round defence was always no defence
Find yourself in the confessional
Find yourself saying the prayers
As correctional work, to add on layers

To override the congressional legislatures
Of what it means:
To be content, happy, satisfied, fulfilled
Before being morally denied and killed

Find yourself again in the confessional
Once again coming out renewed
Imbued with the same promises
Your defences re-built

Your offences are forgiven
Only to be committed again
Chasing the wind,
You will never learn – it’s always the same

Kvothe knew it’s name
In Waystone Inn,
He was saying, extraordinary things
But right from the beginning

He was an invisible being
It was wind, chasing him
And chasing itself
He was meaningless wind

Two whole books of it
Yet we, read and are consumed
Well-read, well-attuned
But still not immune, to the

Attractive allure
And affective demure
Of innocent love so pure
This must be the wind

It keeps disappearing
But my young heart
Was pursuing and must have captured
A huge part in my palms

Opening them up,
I found absolutely nothing
And I started realising:
Moments are fleeting

But that’s why they are so beautiful
And yet I continue
To look for lasting things
Perhaps a typhoon, a combination of winds

Chasing them, past boulders
And nameless road shoulders
Past forest fires
And an ocean of my own desires

To where there is a perfect line
Between the waters and the sky
To where the Firewatch guy
Finds Delilah and completes his lie

Chase the wind with Uber
Do the illegal u-turns
Give tips to street vendors
And marshallers for directions

Find yourself appreciating the city
From the backseat car window of the taxi
Find yourself expressive
Before the beat drops at the party

Find yourself judging
Even though you have made the same mistakes
Find yourself within the wind
As it brings you, wherever it wants to take,

That boy who asks why things
Were better in the past
For his legacy will be
Just a gust of passing air

Here today, gone tomorrow
We are pilgrims here on this earth
We are not here to serve ourselves
Nope, not ourselves

But yet don’t fear to appreciate
The temporary
And the things which quickly fades
For everything is what only: God creates

The wind brings you in circles
Which leads you to a dead end
Not deep, it just makes no sense
At the expense of justice:

Good punished,
Bad men attain rewards
We make rash promises to God
That we, could never keep

Everything is predetermined
But open for collaborating
Chasing the passing wind,
You can find everlasting meaning

At the end,
When I survey my hands
I may be facing absolutely nothing
But I know one thing

That is when I hear that little voice
It is the whispering of the wind
And I will make that choice

To follow and go
Chase that wind



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