What Makes A Man?

“What Makes A Man?”

A real man is big and burly
Able to grow a thick beard
And rock hurley singlets
Pictured at festivals and concerts

A real man wears tailored shirts
His whole life insured
He can provide assurance
For every extravagance

His fragrance itself is success
Inner vest, outer coat,
All tailored to his chest
When he hits the road, he’s never getting anything less

In return,
Because a real man bursts with ambition
Every moment force-prep, rehearsals
Driven to accomplish the mission

Maybe the real men were on SQ117
Or on the black hawks of Neptune Spear
Risking everything,
but still having balance to stand without fear

In Timothy, the bible says
A man of God pursues: righteousness, godliness, faith
Love, steadfastness and gentleness
Above all, perhaps in all his ways, he puts God first

In John 15, the bible says
Greater love has no one than the man who lays
Down his life for his friends
Like a Zaevion Dobson, running to your defence

How can I satisfy every version out there?
How can I be concerned but still not care?
How can I be meek but still ever-willing to dare?
Too many voices trying to tell me what makes a man

Because my legs trembled
During my conducting brief to the battalion
I still don’t do certain things
Because I know I can’t convince my parents

I’m still working on my body,
Lobbying congress to grant me more mass for my arms
Still shutting down that voice telling me to rest
But I do enjoy the endorphins I get when I’m done

But the feeling that I am starting to be a man
Only comes
When I serve food to my smaller cousins at the table
Not when I try fitting into worldly labels

When I serve others
And love my brothers and sisters
And put other people first
Giving, and not wanting to be reimbursed

I feel like I have the answers
And I begin to realise and understand
That love makes sacrifices
And sacrifices, in the end, make the man


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