Dark Places

"Do not let your heart turn to her ways 
 or stray into her paths. Many are the 
 victims she has brought down; her slain 
 are a mighty throng" 
 ― Proverbs 7:25-26

“Integrity is doing the right thing, 
 even when no one is watching.”
 ― C.S. Lewis

“Dark Places”
Welcome to dark places
The home of the faceless
Drink from this fountain,
Never again thirst

Mountain of false promises
Overcome all weaknesses
Here, you will be desired
No fear, let the carnal desires run riot

No limitation on our congregation
As long as they fit into packed spaces
Our compound caters to all:
Regardless of how hopeless your case is

Actions speak louder than words
As the words can’t be heard
Enter here into the false church
Surrender and be healed of all past hurts

We have invited a guest pastor
He will be playing his own tracks, remixed and mastered
Raise your hands, relax,
Just have a blast here

Acknowledge your emptiness
And then, just pretend that these tightly dressed girls
Will carry every insecurity away
Perhaps on that serving tray

Your salvation is attained through alcohol
No saving needed when I’m on the floor
Didn’t you know that
I left my baggage at the door?

But there is hope
Even on the slippery slope
You choose the man you want to be
10 years down the road

Every opportunity,
Is a chance to fight or feed
The monstrosity within, which you have let
Fester for far too long

Defeat those demons within
Your cravings for intimacy
Was what they were trying to win
Don’t agree to be gratified instantly

This darkness wants to eat your light
And get inside your conscience
Manipulate what is right with twists and turns
It’s sole purpose is to taint your soul

In the darkness, there can be discovery
Or there can be, destruction
You can solidify or succumb, to the suction of the world
You can heal or hurl, yourself against yourself

We can visit dark places
And let our hearts be consumed by darkness
Or the darkness can simply be a costume
From which the genuine seeker is immune

Character is forged in the fire
A real man is one who is a master of his own desires
All places, brightly lit or dark
Simply become furnaces,

Shaping the character of his courageous, young heart


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