This must be it
This must be where
The magic happens
When both our faces

Your eyes, your lips
The construct of your face
The skin which wraps your cheeks

In slow motion
Into your depth,
I fall

Consciously, cautiously
Your breath
I see
Set pace for me

Your eyes undress
Two pink oceans
Form your lips
Slow tides, at rest

Lines, bridges
You breathe

Each stroke
A swirl
Take me deeper
Into your world

I knew
I believed

This place was it
All along
You were the magic
I’ve been trying to find
For so long

Your smile
A masterpiece art
Your hair
It’s frame

The wind blowing this peak
Whispers your name

The darkness we share
City lights punctuate
The black slate

With my life
I will defend the hope
Which jostles in between your

Your face
The body which holds your face
Central figure, in all
Story lines

Pursue you
Pursue you
With the force of typhoons
With the unwavering spirit of the moon
The vastness of sand dunes
The focused intensity of a volcano
About to erupt soon

Could it be
the barrenness of this landscape
Which shapes the intimacy
between the only two trees

This place,
And time
Nothing can erase this moment
In which you were mine
And I,

Our last chance
Our slow dance
Against the erosion of
Against forever,
You were once irrevocably,

But you chose the neon lights
So magic discontinued its guide
And I chose the path I believed was right

Raw passion,
unadulterated, untamed, unleashed
Toppled the bastion
Perhaps love, was a butterfly
Always meant to be released

Perhaps the magic
was in the moment
We never grow over it
We only grow layers over it
Wanting to be adults,
When really we are just kids
Still with doubts
Still with the same dreams
Which seem to hold us together
But only break us apart

Moving in different directions
But with the same name
Anchored within my heart

Magic was the infatuation
You were a goddess
And love was my adoration

Magic was the indifference
The invincibility of self
Conquer, with no emotions

Don’t jump into the wilderness of your heart
Yet don’t leave it in reckless abandon
Acknowledge your veins filled with blood
And the whole part of you which is human

We find magic and we are consumed by it
We try to find ourselves and we indulge in magic

But look inward
For the place where magic happens
For backstage
Where you wait for your turn,
And practice tricks

For your life is centre stage
For you to be magical here
Cause good deeds to appear
Don’t neglect the old lady in the rear
When people use your cards
Allow them to draw your heart
Entertain, empathise, encourage
Have courage to change the world
And one day, you may find that one magical girl

And so,
This must be it
This must be where
you happen
And both our lives meet

You and I,
Against the darkness of the night
Two souls shinning bright
On the feet of one another
And the entire world
Stops and stares
To watch the transience of two flares
Sparkle with the brightest lights
And disappear into thin air



Photo taken: at MBS


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