Alliteration For The Rich

“Alliteration For The Rich”

An aerial attack,
Banishing buildings, bringing
Collapse, causing collateral
damage, doom, despair.
Empty empathy, echoing
Fears from F-16s,
Generations, generating grenades
Harbouring hate, here
In Iraq, ISIS
Jackpot. Jurymen justifying
Kidnapping, killing kin
Locals lost, lamenting
Military man’s muzzle.

No nourishment, nuclear
Operations,opening orphanages.
Poor penalised, paying
Quickly quoted quotas.
Rich refuse responsibility.
Secret, silent savagery
To terrorise the
unprotected, undetected. Uncivilised
Vultures, vanishing vulnerable
Women, workers. Weapon
Yesterday’s youth yearning,
Zigzagging zombie zones.

This is the world we live in.

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