Educator’s Cape

“Educator’s Cape”

Born under the cape of the educator
Whose superpowers must include;
Making students who are late see them later
And teleporting with the elevator
A masterclass debater
Taking 3 classes and still having to cater
For 3 children at home
Still dealing and verbally beating and defeating
Your stupid excuses, of why you don’t
Complete your 3 question assignment

You go on, perform, your eloquently rehearsed speech
Her turn, and straightaway, she calls: bullshit
Okay, consider this your first lesson learnt
Responsibility starts from how you handle your work,
So make homework a priority
Set aside things like games and girls
As you promptly strike off names like:
Pg 23, Questions 3 and 4
Under today’s date, in your school-issued journal
so that you can move on to bigger things,
Of course, like games and girls

And lest I forget other lessons learnt,
And the examples you have set,
This will be the only piece of work,
20 years in the making,
You won’t get, to mark, or vet
Because there can be no grade for my life
As you taught me
And told me to boldly go out there and believe!

Don’t let the neighbourhood school status of this school deceive you
Don’t let that U grade leave you with smaller dreams than you’re used to
In this school,
We have morning prayers so that the boys start the day believing.
In this school,
We have 4 dress down days, something unheard of and new
Simply because the man in the cape
Thought that we were of the same age as our peers in poly
So why should we then, be treated differently?

Men and women in capes fly to electronic stores to buy fans
When the a/c breaks down…
Men and women in capes know the uplifting words to say
When your spirit breaks down…
Men and women in capes are human too,
Imperfect like me and you
They forget and are forgetful
They get old especially when see their friends and batches go
But your name they still chose to remember
It was what they believed, when you didn’t believe in yourself, remember?

Always remember that you were born under the cape of an educator.
They looked squarely at you
When you were nothing but a blank piece of paper
Reserved at first
They are keeping their banter for a few lessons later

The world likes to make you believe
That you are, the master of your own fate
But when you find the hand that has let you there,
Look up,
For you might catch a glimpse of that old cape

Mr Izzam, who told me I was mature when I was crying
 Niu Lao Shi, who told me I would amount to something
 Mr E Teo, who saw great potential where I saw nothing
 Mr Pang and Mr Paul De Souza who kept lessons interesting
 (Good times man)

Ms Zabrina Chua for your tough love,
 Mr Lee Lian Siong for dealing with our bullshit
 Mr Crawshaw for the great English lessons
 Amidst a class of rowdy and inattentive kids

Mrs Chang, for the effort to salvage my Chem grades
 I still owe you a meal for that
 Mr Tan Teck Meng, how in the world did I get a B3?
 I remember the pact we had
 But that's in another universe
 Where I become parade commander for NDP

Mr Poh, my math tutor for 4 years
 Our farewell was only lacking in tears

Mr Joshua Leong, you taught me much about unit leadership
 Mrs Olsen for hitting my head when I was asleep
 In your classes
 And for being proud of me
 For achievements that really should be attributed
 To others

Mr Anith, I still remember the "B" word
 Perhaps that was the one belief
 I left St. Gabriel's with

Mr Chng, for teaching us music in JC
 Mr Sequeira, for the pangkang IH lessons
 Mr Lin, for trying to be better than the above two
 (disclaimer: Am I really joking?)

Mr Ducro, for bringing sexy back into NY
 Mr Victor Tan, for tchoukball, that's all.
 Mr Terence Wu for dosages of hard cold reality
 Mr Kenny Ong, for the personal talks on vulnerability

Mr Chew, all the best in that JC (wink)
 Mrs George, for being every so motherly
 Mrs Lee, for igniting a love for writing and linguistics
 Ms Chua, for slamming that door like you really meant it
 (did you???)

Ms Liang, for bearing with my excuses
 I should have and could have worked harder from the start,
 Your scolding really woke me up
 I wasn't bad at math
 My attitude just wasn't good enough

Thank you teachers for everything you have done for me.

如果没有你们, 就不会有今天的我,

Also, a big thank you to all St. Gabriel’s buds and friends from NYJC.
Wouldn’t have wanted to walk this journey with any other people.
It was 6 good years in uniform.
Looking forward to 4 non-uniform years.


2 thoughts on “Educator’s Cape

  1. Dear Mr ordpoetry, you may not know but you are such a joy to teach. Till today, i still miss those days and am honoured to be the Form teacher. Yes, BELIEVE is a Big word. It is this believe that will push you forward and continue to strive, even if you are alone. So continue to believe. Cheers.


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