Red Hat

“Red Hat”

Red hat, red hat
Salute the red and white flag
I must be beside the stars
As I adjust my chin strap

Pitch black, pitch black
My feet want the ground back
My buddy closes his eyes
As he tries releasing the tension in his strained neck

A voice cries:
Stand up, hook up, and do your own equipment check
Be glad that your enemy surrounds you
Because you are men of the red hat

It’s called Redland for a reason
And our mission is to let the enemy
Choke fatally on this fact
So follow your destiny and out of this aircraft’s gap

Go! Go, where your nation needs you the most
Keep your buddy close, even when under heavy contact
But do,
Do keep your love ones far,
for they are ones you’ve swore,
To guard and protect

Red, red
The blood spilled by the enemy
White, white for virtue and purity
The stars were set on that flag
To be admired only
By the loved ones of that red hat

Red hat, red hat
Coffin draped with the red and white flag


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