Confetti in your hair
As the world looks upon us
My heart silently declares,
In its valves and aches,
Within blood flow and breaks,
As my being looks upon you

I remove one piece of confetti

Oh how I would pause time, drop everything so I could continue removing confetti from your hair
What else in my life could ever come close or even compare?
To this one, faithful moment that we share with everyone, but no one at all
With our family and friends who have come today, but will never know it all

But we have to move down this aisle
We met at 15 and I’m finally marrying you now
With our hands and souls interlocked
My fist will clench unto every vow,
As we do life together, navigating every bend, fork road and knoll
I have loved you then
And I have loved you now

Tattooed inside my chest
Echoed between my cells
Lodged within the fabrics of who I am, is you, the gel, which lubricates my spirit
As your quirks translate into the formal
And the angels in heaven celebrate What God has made and put together since the beginning and forever
For when he created me he must have had you in mind
He must have designed for both our lines to be parallel at first and then on this day, be combined
It was all in His plans all along,
I know He must be looking down on us with a twinkle in his eye

My earthly father looks away
As he tries to hide his tears
My friends are overjoyed
As they exclaim in cheers

You are roses white
You make roses pink
I love you deeply as red roses
You are my everything
Your smile is my confetti
Your love is mine to hold
And so I will love you with all my being
Until we both grow old





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