Mountains Of Horeb


I know the clouds
They keep our secrets
Your dirt it leads me there

To the place of inner valley
To the burdens too heavy to bear

The beer
It keeps me sober
Your silence it leads me away

In the deepest valley
At dusk,
In my human ambitions,
You pave the way

Alive and moving
In your roots
I find footing

Yet vast and full
You reflect the Creator
When I am just a fool

You grow, while
I think I’m growing
You sow, while
I think I’m sowing
You give glory
While my own face is glowing

I am ashamed of my past
Let me find my way
I am sick

If I laced up my shoes
Would you, lend me your peak?

My own dirt will leave
me dirty
But your dirt never seems to leave me;
It leads me till I’m there

Even when I am lost,
You show unremarkable beauty

Our secret is this site
Our secret is tonight
As the clouds keep us hidden from all those out of sight



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